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Coiled Tube Heating Furnace Cleaning

We possess the sole physical method technology available worldwide for cleaning Coiled Tube Heating Furnace. The technology is used to minimize the power consumption and extend service life of furnace without any chemical damage on walls. It is time-saving in cleaning, quick in speed and friendly in environment.

How does it work:

With internal vibrating system and jet flow nozzle installation on cleaning device, it revolves under the propel. Water flow goes to internal vibrating system through empennage with sharp shrinks and expansion generating numerous vacuoles. These are pressed into nozzle to strike the pipe scale using the impacting flow. Upon completion, they are washed way to the drain outlet.


•  Proprietary patent with dramatic breakthrough in solids and debris cleaning
•  Thorough cleaning on polymer, silicate, sulfate, carbonate, carbon coke and colloid
•  Flexibly go through bent( radius 1D )with no limits on numbers.
•  Clean the hardly blocked pipeline without getting stuck regardless of distance.
•  Cleaning device can be taken out backwards upon stuck without pipe locating or pipe cutting.