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Internal FBE Coating

The primed FBE coating is a two-layer structure anti-corrosion system for pipe internal surface consisting one liquid phenolic primer layer and fusion bonded epoxy (FBE) coating as topcoat.It is applied by subsidiary company of TYHOO, Yulong Tyhoo Pipe Coating facility, for various pipe specifications, ranging from OD: 2″~48″, Length: 8m~18m, meeting with international standards: DEP, 09-SAMSS-091, KOC-P-005, PDO-SP-2217, API 5L7, AWWA C213, etc.

The internal primed FBE coating adopts Sucking Oven Posted-curing System with liquid phenolic epoxy primer (or other type of liquid primer) with fusion bonded epoxy coating, with heating cleaning oven to remove any oil, grease or oxide contamination on pipe surface and continuous long-time high temperature post curing to ensure the internal FBE coating’s adhesion strength, compactness, anti-heavy-corrosion ability, anti-abrasion ability and other key mechanical and chemical resistance ability. Internal Primed FBE coating system is applicable to be used for transporting sea water, desalinated sea water, pulp, crude oil, raw natural gas and other corrosive medium.

Compared with other type of traditional coating systems, the primed FBE coating has stronger adhesion, better anti-corrosion performance, excellent resistance to wear, sour and impact. The coating also shows excellent resistance to autoclave test, long-term immersion in water/ desalination seawater, hot oil-water mixture immersion, chemical resistance, salt fog and long-term thermal shock under -30℃ to 150℃, etc.

The coating materials by TYHOO own brand, has been assessed by international authoritative independent laboratory Charter Coating Lab in Canada and testing results showed excellent performance. Significantly, one of the autoclave tests was done under 85℃ with 15MPa pressure, 30% H2S and 157.600mg/L chloride content. The coating after testing retained good appearance with no blistering, cracking, or delamination and has very slight change in color.