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External Coating

The external surfaces of (steel) pipes can be protected from the harsh effects of corrosion by applying external coating. TYHOO offers onshore and offshore external coating services to our clients.

  • 3LPE/3LPP/FBE External Coating

    3LPE( Long-term Service Temperature : Below 80℃) and 3LPP( Long-term Service Temperature : Between 80℃ and 110℃ ) consist of FBE( primer ), copolymer adhesive (middle layer) and top layer (polyethylene or polypropylene).

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  • AE External Coating

    Asphalt enamel coating is a traditional anti-corrosion coating made up of asphalt coating & inner and outer wraps. With its cheap price , waterproof performance, weathering resistance and good bonding property as well as mature technology , it is widely applied in metal anti-corrosion.

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  • Concrete Weight Coating

    CWC, currently the most important counter weight product in offshore pipeline , consists of cement, water, aggregates and reinforcement materials, with its characteristics such as fixing the pipeline stably on the seabed and offering effective mechanical protection for the pipeline .

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