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Flow Assurance:NS-99 Series Drag Reducer for Crude Oil Transportation

How to improve the crude oil pipeline transmission efficiency? How to reduce the impact of the scale buildup , paraffin buildup on pipeline flow ? NS-99 Series Drag Reducer for Crude Oil Transportation is a good choice for your demand.

Scale control:

high performance scale inhibitor packages are available to prevent mineral scale deposits such as calcium carbonate, calcium sulphate, barium sulphate, iron sulphide. TYHOO also offer scale dissolution packages for the removal of previously formed scale deposits. NS-99 can be supplied to remove carbonate, sulphate, sulphide and mixed scales.

Wax control:

wide range of wax control additives including dissolver packages, wax dispersants and pour point depressants.

Asphaltene control:

TYHOO provides products for removal of asphaltene deposits and can supply continual injection dispersants and squeeze products for application into the reservoir.