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Elbow Custom Coating for Ras Markaz Crude Oil Park Project


PROJECT LOCATION: Ras Markaz, Duqm, Sultanate of Oman

END USER: China Petroleum Pipeline Engineering Co., Ltd

DESCRIPTION: Zinc Rich Epoxy External Coating Application

DESCRIPTION: Varnish Painting Internal Application


Oman Tank Terminal Company L.L.C. plans to build a crude oil park in Ras Markaz, Duqm, Oman. Ras Markaz terminal is being developed in five phases. Phase one will have a capacity of 26 million barrels which includes 8 tanks each with the capacity of 650,000 barrels. The second phase of development will includes the construction of the terminal tanks and the construction of basic infrastructure facilities. The tanks for the remaining three phases of the terminal development will include tanks and pipelines. as well the project covers the construction of a 440 Km crude oil pipeline and a 200 million bbl crude storage terminal spreading over a land area of 16,000,000 sq.m that will connect the Terminal in Ras Markaz with the main line at Nahada. The project also includes another 70 Km pipeline that will connect the Terminal in Ras Markaz with the Refinery in Duqm, and another 250 Km natural gas pipeline to transport gas. 


The dry film thickness of each coating applied shall be checked by electromagnetic or magnetic thickness gauge. 
1st layer: Zinc Rich Epoxy Primer
Packaging: Plastic Protective Wrap 
Finish Color Details: Gray