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ONGC Project FSPE Coating for Elbow


                                  The Flame Spraying Polyethylene Coating System (FSPE) 


                                 Surat – Gujarat Hazira Plant Pipeline Project (ONGC, India)

PROJECT LOCATION: ONGC Hazira Plant, Surat – Gujarat, India

END USER: Oil & Gas Corporation (ONGC), India



ONGC is a state‐owned oil and gas group in India. The predecessor of ONGC, the Indian Oil and Gas Commission, was established in 1956 and restructured in 1993. Currently, ONGC is one of the world top 500 enterprises and ranks as one of the leading enterprises in the upstream oil and gas industry in Southeast Asia.

Although the project scale is small, with 10 pieces of Ø 610 mm elbows to coat, it is the first time ONGC accepted flame spray polyethylene (FSPE) coating. The customer was very prudent during the preliminary stage, and repeatedly requested through Chinese piping material supplier Yingkou Liaohe Pipe Fittings Co., Ltd. (LPF) for confirmation that the performance of FSPE coating was equivalent to that of 3LPE coating as requested in project specification.

FSPE coating is specifically designed for piping materials in complex shape, such as bends, spools, and fittings, for which conventional side or cross‐head extrusion 3LPE coating is inapplicable. Tyhoo introduced FSPE coating technology from IBIX Italy in 2019, and has performed numerous tests ever since.