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TYHOO Awarded PAO Project in Chile


TYHOO was successfully awarded the Proyecto Adaptación Operacional (PAO) Project of Chile in July 2023. This project with the end user, Antofagasta Minerals S. A. (AMSA), is for providing internal primed FBE coating and external 3LPE coating for the substantial network of pipelines, including a 132 kilometers of 8-inch pipeline and another pipeline including 22, 24, and 28-inch extending over 70 kilometers.

In the early stage of the project, the client invited experts from Chile, the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, and China to thoroughly assess TYHOO's capabilities and proficiency.Prior to the coating production start, FLUOR's technicians were on site to supervise and audit TYHOO's PQT. The precision, attention to detail, and consistent adherence to quality standards exhibited by TYHOO in the whole coating process won high praise and glowing remarks from AMSA and FLUOR. All of above mentioned fully demonstrate TYHOO's expertise and competency in providing top-notch anti-corrosion services.

With the successful initiation and operation of the PAO project in South America, TYHOO will for sure enhance its global influence in the industry!