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3LPE/PP Coating Peeling Strength Tester


3LPE Peeling Strength Tester Brochure .pdf


This equipment is suitable for testing the peeling strength of steel pipe 3LPE/PP external anti-corrosion coating and heat (cold) shrink sleeve (tape) field joint coating, applied to the external coating production line or external field joint coating on site where need perform peeling strength test for coating.


Technical Parameters:

• Minimum pipe diameter: 219mm OD (additional grippers required for less than 219mm OD)

• Maximum pipe diameter: no upper limit (also applicable to the peel test of coating on the flat surface)

• Forward speed: 10mm/min (determined by the peel test standard, can be customized)

• Advance speed progress control: ±2mm/min

• Maximum peeling width: 50mm

• Minimum distance between grips: 60mm

• Measuring range: 50-2000N (customizable)

• Peeling angle: 90 degrees (automatic control)

• Peeling speed: 10mm/min

• Equipment weight: ≤22.5KG

• Data collection: 10 times/minute

• Dimensions: 330*230*275mm

• PC operating platform: Windows 7/8/10


1. Connect the computer to the wireless WIFI module; no additional operating equipment is required.

2. High-precision measurement.

3. Equipped with lithium battery, no need to tow line.

4. Work continuously for 4 hours.

5. Light weight and easy to carry.

6. The Chinese-English bilingual interface and supports more languages when required.

7. Chinese and English bilingual printout.

8. Complies with standards: DIN30670, DEP31.30.40.31, ISO21809-1, NFA49-710, CAN/CSA-Z245.21, GB23257.

9. Support historical data query/storage

10. Support historical data printing

11. Support real-time display of test data