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Mobile Concrete Weight Coating (CWC) Plant

Tyhoo is also in a position to supply the mobile concrete weight coating (CWC) plant for clients to reduce their logistic costs of pipeline project over long distance and create local jobs at the new location where coating services are needed.

The flexibility of mobile CWC coating facilities has proved to be efficient and cost-effective. The traditional fixed CWC coating plant, the specialized coatings do not travel well over long distances, as they significantly increase the overall logistic costs of the pipeline project. This opens a pipe coating supply gap in the new oil and gas production frontiers, where the pipe coating volumes do not yet justify the investment in a new fixed pipe coating facility. Although these regions can be covered by importing pipe and coatings, the added project cost is significant, especially as new production frontiers are further and further away from the traditional production regions.

Using mobile CWC coating facilities for new pipeline projects offers benefits for all stakeholder categories. The pipeline operators get the same guaranteed coating quality anywhere in the world while simplifying the project logistics, avoiding significant additional logistic costs for pipe transportation, and increasing the local content of the project. The communities where the mobile coating plants are mobilized benefit as local people are hired to operate the plants, and the auxiliary rolling stock required for the coating operations – cranes, trucks and front-end loaders – are sourced locally.

Finally, mobile coating facilities allow the pipe coating suppliers to optimize the utilization of their asset base by increasing the utilization rate of the coating plants. A mobile coating plant can be easily moved to a new location in case no more coating projects are available in the region where the plant was initially installed.