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Projects Case
  • Iraq Missan Oil Field Development Project III

    DESCRIPTION: Internal Primed FBE & External 3LPP Coating Application for Pipeline
    Custom Coating: Internal Primed FBE & External PP Heat Shrinkable Tape Coating Application for Bends

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    Pipeline Internal Field Joint Coating Service

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  • Construction of WEST KUWAIT Mega Complex

    This case study shows the solution of value internal Primed FBE coating custom coating on Constrution of West Kuwait Megacomplex according to the requirement of KOC-P-005 STD, and defines the coating materials proposed in this project.

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  • Iraq MIssan Oil Field Development Phase II

    CNOOC Iraq Limited, acting as lead contractor of the Technical Service Contract for Missan Oil Fields entered into by and between Missan HDPE lining Oil Company.

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  • PDO Khulud Gas Development Project

    PROJECT: PDO Khulud Gas Development Project

    APPLICATOR: Jiuli Tyhoo Coating Technology Co., Ltd

    CLIENT: Petroleum Development Oman (PDO)

    PIPE SIZE: 218.1 X 4.8mm/168.3 X 4.8mm

    PIPE INTERNAL COATING: 110℃ 3LPP Coating on DSS Pipe


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  • Bolivia Water Pipeline Project

    PROJECT: Bolivia Water Pipeline Project

    PIPE SIZE: 406.4 X 9.53mm

    PIPE LENGTH: 6 Meters/Joint

    CUSTOM COATING: Internal Liquid Epoxy Coating


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  • Mobile CWC Plant in Tanzania

    On September 26, 2011, CPTDC, CPP and CPE, three subsidiaries of China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) jointly signed the EPC contract with Tanzania Petroleum Development Corporation (TPDC) for the construction of Tanzania Mnazi Bay and SongoSongo Natural Gas Processing Plants and Gas Transportation Pipeline Project, a new natural gas pipeline from the natural gas fields in the southeast of Tanzania to Dar es Salaam as well as two gas processing plants, with a total length of 542km.

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  • Zaldivar Copper Mine Pipeline Replacement Project

    Strained fresh water resources in Chile's arid north, where most of the Andean nation's copper mines are concentrated, and projections for decreased precipitation due to the effects of climate change have prompted mining companies to increasingly turn to ocean water to supply their operations.

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  • Petronas RGT2 Project

    The Regasification Terminal 2 project or its acronym RGT2 is under the purview of PETRONAS Gas Berhad (PGB). The objective of the project is to provide primary gas supply to the RAPID, Pengerang Cogeneration Plant (PCP) and the Peninsular Gas Utilization (PGU) grid to augment the availability of gas in the country. The RGT2 will offer LNG unloading and reloading, storage, handling and regasification. The plant will have a capacity of 3.5 mtpa and will be connected to PGU via the Pengerang Gas Pipeline (PGP).

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