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HDPE Lining

TYHOO'S TIGHT FIT HDPE LINED system can be used to protect new steel pipelines from abrasion and corrosion or for the rehabilitation of existing pipelines. A tight-fitting High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) lined steel pipe has the performance advantages of HDPE with the strength of steel. The process involves the insertion of a tight-fitting high density Polyethylene (HDPE) liner pipe inside of a steel pipe. This takes advantage of the mechanical strength of the steel pipe combined with the abrasion and corrosion resistance of the HDPE liner pipe. Because of the tight fitting design, the liner pipe is radially compressed (rolled down) to reduce its outside diameter during the insertion process. The roller reduction method involves the radial compression of the HDPE liner pipe by passing it through a series of roller reduction units during the insertion process. Once installed, the HDPE liner expands within the steel pipe and fits tight against the pipe wall. Insertion lengths can vary from short pull lengths to long pull lengths of up to 1,200 meters, depending on the pipe diameter and topographical contour of the pipeline. Almost any diameter of pipe can be lined by using TYHOO’S innovative process.

HDPE lined pipe is used for rehabilitating existing carbon steel pipelines and flowlines as well as new pipelines and flow lines in oilfield, municipal pipeline works, mining etc.HDPE lined application shall be installed and operated of vented grooved or perforated tight fitting, non-bonded, thermoplastic liners in carbon steel pipelines.


•  Proven Application for a Long-term Service in Critical Corrosion Environment
•  Applied in Over Relatively Long lengths of Pipeline
•  Trenchless /No Excavation

Application Scope:

•  Sea Water Pipeline
•  Desalinated Water Pipeline
•  Water Injection Pipeline
•  Oil Flow Pipelines
•  Gas Distribution Pipeline
•  Slurry Transport Pipelines

Satisfied with Standard and Specification:

•  Saudi Aramco SAEP-387 Design of Thermoplastic Tight Fit Grooved and Perforated Liners for New and Existing Pipelines
•  NACE RP0304 Design, Installation and Operation of Thermoplastic Liners for Oilfield Pipelines
•  NACE 35101 Plastic Liners for Oilfield Pipelines
•  API 15 LE Specification for Polyethylene Line Pipe (PE)
•  DEP Thermoplastic Lined Pipelines For Onshore Use