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TYHOO is one of the worldwide leading providers of petroleum services specialized in one stop solution for anti-corrosion, proprietary services for oil and gas exploration production, gathering and transporting, inspection and many other services for both onshore and offshore petroleum industry, chemical and petrochemical industry and other energy fields.
TYHOO is a group of companies re-branded in 2012 as Tyhoo Co., Ltd., incorporates 10 more enterprises which have been working for years in each sectors of their own including equipment and material manufacturing plants, specialized service companies, trading houses and R&D centers and labs throughout the world with increasing workforce of hundreds employees across the countries such as Russia, USA, Malaysia, Indonesia, UAE, Iraq, Tanzania etc.
TYHOO benefits from its two R&D centers and laboratories as well as co-working with universities and institutes which generates its high growth in recent decade of years. It features its advanced, innovative and the state of art technology, facilities, specialty materials etc. and offers its client with ONE STOP SOLUTION via its professional contingent and business networks worldwide.
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