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Custom Coating

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TYHOO have pre-cleaning, soaking oven, liquid and powder spraying facilities for applying custom coating, which can be applied onto External / Internal of:

• Prefabricated Spool  
• Field joints   
• Fittings
• Buckle arrestor
• Bends   
• Reducers
• Down-hole tools
• Riser
• Oilfield tubular and sucker
• Coupling 
• Sleeve
• Straight pipes of all lengths    
• Valves 
• Pups  
• Flanges  

• Pre-fabricated spools and other custom structures, which servicing onshore and offshore. 


TYHOO Custom coating mill located in Wuxi factory with Self-owned wharf, close to Shanghai Port. TYHOO custom coatings protect your assets from erosion, corrosion, wear, chemical exposure and harsh environmental elements to very stringent standards and specification. 

TYHOO provides the following types of internal and external custom coating:

•  Epoxy, Polyurethanes and Other Liquid Coatings
•  Primed and Un-primed Fusion Bonded Epoxy
•  Baked-on-Phenolic
•  Flame Spraying Polymer Coatings, such as 3LPE/3LPP
•  Jacketed PU, SPU Thermal Insulation Coatings
•  HDPE Lined
•  Rubber lined