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External Coating Equipment

With the capacity to design, fabricate, install and commission, Tyhoo is in a position to offer a complete set of external coating equipment for pipe anti-corrosion.

  • 3LPE/3LPP/FBE External Coating Equipment

    3LPE( Long-term Service Temperature : Below 80℃) and 3LPP( Long-term Service Temperature : Between 80℃ and 110℃ ) consist of FBE( primer ), copolymer adhesive (middle layer) and top layer (polyethylene or polypropylene).

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  • AE External Coating Equipment

    Asphalt enamel coating is a traditional anti-corrosion coating made up of asphalt coating & inner and outer wraps. With its cheap price , waterproof performance

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  • Concrete Weight Coating equipment

    CWC, currently the most important counter weight product in offshore pipeline , consists of cement, water, aggregates and reinforcement materials, with its characteristics such as fixing the pipeline stably on the seabed and offering effective mechanical protection for the pipeline .

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