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Internal Coating Equipment

Internal coating for transmission and distribution pipes is applied to improve efficiency and extend service life. TYHOO can help you with our expertise to offer you the equipment for internal coating

  • OCTG & Drill Pipe Internal Coating Equipment

    OCTG & Drill Pipe internal coating equipment are used for liquid and powder internal spraying on drill pipes ( radius ranges fromΦ60.3~φ219mm(2-3/8″~8-5/8″) (length from 8m to 13m) , tubing and pipelines.

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  • Flow Coating Equipment

    Two-component FBE coating materials are applied to the inner walls of steel pipes to conduct airless spray reducing the frictional forces within the pipes and improving the flow efficiency of the media to achieve the purpose of increasing the transmission rates and lowering the overall project cost.

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  • FBE Internal Coating Equipment

    FBE internal coating equipment hanldes and coats the pipes with its radius ranging fromφ 89mm ~φ 1420mm and length from 8 ~ 12.5m based on the use and process demand from clients.

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