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Pipeline Internal Girth Weld Grinding Robot Developed Successfully


For the internal coated pipeline to perform the on-site joint welding and IFJC (internal field joint coating) operations, if the girth weld profile is uncoatable with some defects that will cause difficulties for the IFJC operations, TYHOO has successfully developed an independent grinding robot for solution - TYHOO® -GWG Pipeline Internal Girth Weld Grinding Robot. It is a series of robots developed for the internal girth weld inspection and grinding of carbon steel, stainless steel and corrosion resistant alloy pipelines that requires smooth internal girth weld profile, and mainly serves in chemical, petroleum, natural gas, mining, nuclear power, aerospace, power and other industries. The robot will perform inspection and grinding operations for the internal root weld defects/anomalies (such as excessive weld penetration, spatter, sharp edges, flush, inaccurate butt joint, scale residue, crystallization, etc.) with pipe diameters range from DN200mm to DN700mm. We also accept customization for clients’ special requirements.