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DUPAC®-0521 Mastic Successfully Developed


TYHOO has focused on the research and development of functional inner coatings and related products for gathering and transportation pipelines and related products. After years of painstaking research by R&D, a solvent-free phenolic-epoxy anticorrosion with high cross-linking density and ultra-high thixotropy, the new product DUPAC®-0521, a filling and sealing adhesive (mastic), was officially launched recently.


DUPAC®-0521 is easy to apply and can form a film up to 3mm at a time. It has good filling and sealing properties. It has superior performance and takes into account the adhesion strength, shear strength, flexibility and chemical resistance of the coating. It is suitable for containing H2S , CO2 and other acidic medium transportation medium environment.


DUPAC®-0521is suitable for filling and sealing the interfaces of "metal-metal", "metal-organic coating", "organic coating-organic coating", etc., and can be used for filling and sealing parts of the pipe insert sleeves, clamps and pipe fittings, and downhole tools with high temperature and pressure resistance.