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3LPE/PP Peel Strength Tester Is Upgraded Successfully




In September 2020, the new generation of 3LPE/PP Coating Peel Strength Tester was successfully upgraded, with higher accuracy and reliability, which made up for the limitation of the previous generation that could not achieve the measurement of small pipe diameters. The device is equipped with a lithium battery pack, so there is no need to tow the line, to avoid the inconvenience caused by the tow line on site.


The equipment uses a microcomputer processing chip to accurately control the motor, making the test process more stable and reliable, and real-time feedback of the angle between the anti-corrosion layer and the steel pipe or flat surface through the angle sensor ensures that it sits at an angle of 90° and realizes fast and efficient test at site.  


The equipment meets the following technical standard requirements: DIN30670, DEP31.30.40.31, ISO21809-1, NFA49-710, CAN/CSA-Z245.21, GB23257.