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Saudi Aramco Approved TYHOO for IFJC Services for 8”- 36”Pipeline


November 2020, TYHOO and its exclusive Saudi local agent WSC have been jointly approved by Saudi Aramco, the world’s largest oil producer in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, to provide Internal Field Joint Coating service (IFJC) for pipeline diameter ranging from 8”to 36”. So far, TYHOO's all IFJC robots have been qualified by Saudi Aramco for all the specifications that used in the industry.  

With the background of severe COVID-19 pandemic situation all around the world causing massive challenges to the demonstration work in Saudi, through excellent cooperation between TYHOO and WSC, the team has eventually overcome the hardships and made a great achievement. 

During the qualification process, TYHOO’s IFJC Robots have received very high comments from Aramco’s experts especially for their excellent cleaning effect and glossy coating application. In particular, praised and highlighted by Aramco, TYHOO values the concerns of clients and have been making continuous improvement. 

Obtaining the qualification from Aramco on TYHOO’s internal field joint coating robots of all specifications is a huge step forward and recognition from Client for TYHOO’s business toward Saudi Arabia and the whole MENA market, and even the whole world market.