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TYHOO Completed Pipe Insert Sleeves for Nigeria DRPP Project


The Dangote Refinery and Petrochemicals Project (DRPP) locates in Dangote Industries, Lekki Free Trade Zone, Nigeria. The carbon steel piping system used in the project requests internal primed FBE coating for line pipes, bends, spools, pipe insert sleeves, valves, fittings, etc. 

3 different sizes pipe insert sleeves (16”, 18” and 24”) were applied primed FBE coating (phenolic primer + FBE topcoat) in December 2020 by Yulong Tyhoo Pipe Coating Co., Ltd. These insert sleeve designed to protect the internal coating during the welding process for piping system of DRPP project. 

As one of main business of TYHOO Company, the design purpose of the pipe insert sleeve is to provide a coherent internal field joint coating for the internally coated pipes, with considering the cleaning and operating work of pipeline after installation, and increase pipeline service life.