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TYHOO Provided Internal FBE Coating Service for Fabricated Spools for Nigeria DRPP Project


Yulong Tyhoo Pipe Coating Co., Ltd., the specialized internal FBE coating base under TYHOO, successfully completed the internal primed FBE coating contract for the Dangote Refineries & Petrochemical Project (DRPP), which requires high standard coating for sour service. 

The contract awarded include internal primed FBE coating for line pipes, insert sleeves and fabricated spools in various shapes and structures. The pipes, insert sleeves and spools are of 3 different sizes, i.e., 24'', 18'' and 16''. Both the internal and external surfaces of the insert sleeves were applied with primed FBE coating. All line pipes and fabricated spools(manufactured by Yingkou Liaohe Pipe Fittings Co., Ltd) were applied with internal primed FBE coating. All line pipes and part of the fabricated spools were applied with inorganic zinc silicate painting on external surfaces for temporary protection. 

TYHOO's self-brand coating materials phenolic primer TAFF523 and FBE powder TAFF837 were used for the project and demonstrated superb stability and reliability. Coating performance fully sufficed the requirements of relevant project specifications. 

These coated piping materials will be used in an integrated refinery and petrochemical complex constructed by Dangote Oil Refinery Company in Nigeria, which is expected to be the world biggest single-train facility of similar functions upon commissioning in 2021. After TYHOO being accepted by SAUDI ARAMCO as a qualified vendor in 2020, it is the first time for TYHOO and any Chinese coating applicator to provide custom coating service with internal primed FBE coating to overseas customers.