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Successful Commencement of IFJC for Saudi Aramco NGCP Project


As a qualified subcontractor of Saudi Aramco, the biggest oil producer in the world, TYHOO had been awarded the contract of pipeline robotic internal field joint coating for CPP North Gas Compression Plants Pipelines Project (NGCP PROJECT). TYHOO's site operation started since June 2021. With the excellent blast cleaning effect & glossy coating application, we have received very high praise from PID & PMT of Aramco and CPP. TYHOO has solved the problem of rust removal of the long-time welded pipelines due to the COVID-19 delay and helped the clients to avoid cutting and re-welding of joints, which saved clients a lot of cost and time.

Due to the excellent operation and performance of TYHOO in CPP NGCP project, good comments spread. More and more clients approached TYHOO and invited TYHOO to participate in their incoming projects to provide the pipeline robotic internal field joint coating service. TYHOO values the trust and confidence in TYHOO, as well as shares the concerns of clients. We have been making continuous improvement to provide our best products and services to our global clients. 

“The excellent performance and success that TYHOO is making in our first project in Saudi Aribia is highly attributed to the hardworking and contribution of our excellent team and partner.” says Mr. John Fang, the president and CEO of TYHOO, “We are grateful to all that has been supporting us to go so far in the pipeline robotic internal field joint coating service, and we are confident that with the outstanding team, we will make greater achievement in Saudi Aribia and provide better products and services to our clients.”

With the successful achievement of the first project in Saudi Arabia, TYHOO will for sure present more and more excellent projects in this region!