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TYHOO Team Awarded "Excellent Unit" of CPP NGCP Project


In September 2021, TYHOO team was awarded EXCELLENT UNIT by CPP Saudi Aramco North Gas Compression Plants Pipelines Project (NGCP PROJECT) due to its excellent performance of internal field joint coating. As a qualified subcontractor for Saudi Aramco, TYHOO has been approved by Saudi Aramco to provide internal field joint coating for pipeline ranging 8 "-36" as of October 2020 and had been awarded the first service contract in Saudi Arabia -- IFJC subcontract of CPP NGCP PROJECT. Since the TYHOO team had been mobilized to NGCP project in April 2021, with the aim of providing high quality technical services and proactively responding to customer concerns, TYHOO has completed the construction of several work points of the project. We believe that the team's outstanding performance in the NGCP project will ensure that TYHOO will be recognized by more and more customers.