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Internal Girth Weld Grinding Robot Approved by Saudi Aramco


January 2022, TYHOO has been officially approved by Saudi Aramco, the world’s largest oil producer in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, for internal girth weld grinding robot in its Southen Gas Compression Plant Pipelines (SGCP) Project.

The project consists of 8 inch and 10 inch plant pipelines of total more than 2500 site girth weld joints, which requires internal field joint coating after site girth welding. However, the application of internal field joint coating has high requirement for the internal welding root to avoid holidays caused by excessive height of welding penetration, burrs and offset, etc. In order to do that, TYHOO’s internal girth weld robot was approved by Saudi Aramco to grind removing these defects on the internal weld before coating application.

Ever since TYHOO started providing internal girth weld grinding service to the project, there has been a significant improvement on the passing rate of internal field joint coating and avoided Contractor from cutting the weld joint or repairing, and awarded high praise from the client.