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TYHOO Awarded 3 Coating Contracts from Saudi Aramco Marjan Project


May 2022, TYHOO announced being awarded 3 contracts of internal FBE coating from Saudi Aramco Marjan project respectively by American contracting heavyweight McDermott, China Offshore Oil Engineering Corporation (COOEC) and Qingdao McDermott Wuchuan (QMW).

The awarded contracts include internal FBE coating for more than 8,000 pieces of fabricated spools with size from Min.2inch up to Max.60inch for various of complex spool configurations. 

These 8,000 pieces of spools for the project will be coated in SHOP-2 of TYHOO’s coating plant located in Wuxi city, Jiangsu Province in China. This plant is specially for internal and external custom coating for fabricated spools, bends, flanges and fittings, etc. with size capability from 2 inch up to 60 inch, maximum dimension of spools: L12m*W4.5m*H3.9m, maximum weight of single spool is 18Mt.

As the only pipe coating company approved by Saudi Aramco outside of Kingdom of Saudi Aribia, TYHOO has been working closely with McDermott, COOEC and QMW on this project since 2020. Mr. John Fang, President& CEO of TYHOO says, “We are much honored to be qualified by Saudi Aramco and supply our shop-applied coatings to Saudi Aramco in another field again beside internal field joint coating service. We are confident that we will continuously provide our best products and service to Saudi Aramco in the Marjan project.”

The Marjan Package 1 GOSP separation platform is located offshore in the eastern flank of the Arabian Gulf and functions as the operational center of the Marjan increment project.

July 10, 2019, McDermott International, Inc. (NYSE: MDR) announced it has been awarded a contract in excess of $3 billion for Package 1 of Saudi Aramco's Marjan Increment Development Mega-Project to provide engineering, procurement, construction and installation (EPCI) of the Gas-Oil Separation Plant (GOSP) , in a consortium with China Offshore Oil Engineering Company (COOEC). The award to McDermott represents the single largest EPCI offshore contract awarded by Aramco. The Marjan Increment Project will increase production from 500,000 to 800,000 barrels of oil per day, with Package 1 GOSP facilities at the core of the development.