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TYHOO Awarded Coating Contracts for Seawater Pipeline of Iraq Rumaila Project


April 2022, TYHOO announced to be awarded 2 contracts of internal and external coating application contract for sea water pipeline of Iraq Rumaila Project. These two contracts include internal FBE coating and external 3LPE coating application for 40,600M of 48inch line pipes, bends and piping. Pipes of the project will be coated by Yulong Tyhoo Pipe Coating Co., Ltd, TYHOO's coating plants located in Wuxi city, Jiangsu Provice, China. Yulong Tyhoo is specially for internal and external coating for straight line pipes and custom coating with size capability from 2inch up to 64inch.Internal FBE coating for the project adopts a 2 layer FBE system with coating materials KARUMEL PP100(primer) and KARUMEL IC4888(FBE)manufactured by KCC in Korea.

Awarding the contract from Rumaila Project is another big step for TYHOO in Iraq market after excellent supplying performance in Missan oilfiled. With excellent and professional team, advanced coating equipment and good production and quality management, we are much confident that we will provide the world top-class coating products and service to Rumaila Project, said Mr. John Fang, President& CEO of TYHOO.

The Rumaila oil field is one of the largest oil fields in the world. It is located near Basra and about 20 miles from the Kuwaiti border in southern Iraq. It is spread over a 1,800km² area and is owned by Iraq. The field was discovered by British Petroleum (BP) in 1953. Production began in 1972. The field contains oil at about 2,400m below the surface. More than 200 production wells are operating in the field currently.

Rumaila is managed by the Rumaila Operating Organization (ROO) – a joint venture between BOC, bp, PetroChina and SOMO which was established to transform the field into a world-class operation to serve Iraq and its people.