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TYHOO Awarded Chile Minera Los Pelambres Pipeline Coating Project


In October 2022, TYHOO has been awarded to perform pipeline coating for the project of Chilean client Minera Los Pelambres (MLP) with Ausenco Chile as the EPC. The contract is executed by TYHOO subsidiary coating plant Yulong Tyhoo Pipe Coating Co.,Ltd and has been successfully completed and delivered in January 2023.

The 20KM steel pipes were supplied and manufactured by Jingjiang Special Steel company under CITIC Pacific Special Steel Group. The specification of the pipes is OD193.7x6.35mm with special outer diameter. The pipeline system will be used for copper concentrate transportation of Chile copper mine project.

The pipes were sent to TYHOO coating plant in early January 2023, a few days before the Chinese Spring Festival. But everyone adhere to the post and work overtime to guarantee the work completed with quality on time.