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TYHOO Successfully Completed the Delivery for BP Rumaila Project


September 2022, YULONG TYHOO PIPE COATING Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of TYHOO, successfully completed the internal and external coating production and delivery of 48" line pipes and bends of 40.6 kilometers in total from two contracts for the BP Rumaila oilfield water pipeline project in Iraq. 

The outer diameter of the pipeline for this project is 48inch (1219mm),with a internal phenolic primed FBE coating system with KARUMEL PP100 (primer) + KARUMEL IC4888 (FBE), and the external 3LPE coating. Primed FBE coating for such a large size pipe is rare both in China and internationally.

With a highly serious and responsible attitude, TYHOO has upgraded and transformed production lines multiple times before production, and continuously summarized experience during the production process. The completion of this project marks a breakthrough for TYHOO in the field of primed FBE coating for large-diameter steel pipes, and once again represents the international advanced level in this field.

This project has strict requirements for pipeline coatings. After multiple audits of many coating factories in and out of China, the project owner has finally designated TYHOO as the only qualified coating supplier in China for this project. Mr. Thomas Tang, the General Manager of Yulong TYHOO, emphasized that we must fulfill our commitment and trust from customers, return customers with more professional technical services and high-quality products, and make TYHOO stand out in the cruel competition at home and abroad and go further.

The Rumaila oilfield is one of the world's large oil fields, located near Basra, about 20 miles from the Kuwaiti border in southern Iraq, covering an area of 1,800 square kilometers and owned by Iraq. It was discovered by British Petroleum (BP) in 1953 and began production in 1972. The oil field contains oil at a depth of about 2,400 meters below the surface and currently has more than 200 production wells in operation.