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TYHOO Awarded Significant Contract for Pipeline Internal Field Joint Coating Service in NEOM Project, Saudi Arabia


TYHOO, a leading global provider of pipeline services, was awarded a significant contract in October 2023 for providing internal field joint coating services to more than 4,000 field weld joints of 40inch pipelines for the NEOM project in Saudi Arabia. 

The landscape of NEOM project involves a lot of big slopes, which brings great difficulties to TYHOO to complete the IFJC actively However,with advanced robotic technology and high-performance operation team, TYHOO is willing to accept the challenge. 

"Regardless of facing NEOM project’s unfavorable landscape site, TYHOO has fully confidence to execute the contract successfully by its own advantages both in technology and operation management." said Mr. Gavin Wang, Deputy GM and Internal Field Joint Coating Business Division Director of TYHOO  

Known for its excellent performance in dealing with complex and demanding situations, TYHOO has consistently been a reliable partner in offering solutions for similar challenging projects, such as the HARADH area and Shaybah oilfield project.

Being one part of Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030, the NEOM project is launched to diversify this country’s economy and enhance infrastructural advancement. With this new contract, TYHOO has once again established its strong footprint in Saudi Arabia market, reflecting its state-of-art technology and competent operational team. The positive outcome from this project will undoubtedly consolidate TYHOO's partnership with the Saudi Arabian oil and gas sector, propelling future collaborations within the region.

Mr. Wang concluded, "Our commitment to providing best-in-class service and the trust from our clients make such challenging projects achievable. We aim to ensure optimal operation conditions in the NEOM project, contributing to the infrastructural advancement of Saudi Arabia."

The contract is a testament to TYHOO's solid reputation, advanced technology, and unwavering dedication to its global clients, ensuring an enduring and fruitful relationship with Saudi Arabia's progressive vision.