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Other Coating Equipment

Apart from external and internal coating equipment, the customs coating equipment, SPU/GSPU insulation equipment and rebar coating equipment are also within our supply scope.

  • SPU/GSPU Insulation equipment

    SPU/GSPU Insulation has been developed swiftly since the synthesis materials of SPU came into being in 1930s . With its wide application, simple construction , efficient energy saving and better anti-corrosion effect

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  • Custom Coating Equipment

    Custom coating equipment consists of blasting machine, Liquid primer spraying device with water curtain booth, primer auto-heating device, powder top coat spraying device

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  • Rebar Coating Equipment

    By electro-static method, FBE powder will be sprayed on plain round and ribbed bars to form coated bars. FBE rebar coating is applied to reinforced concrete structures under damp or eroding media environment for industry and civil houses, buildings, roads, bridges, ports and docks.

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